Frontier Culture Museum
Staunton, VA

To tell the story of early immigrants and their American descendants, the Museum has moved or reproduced examples of traditional rural  buildings from England, Germany, Ireland, West Africa, and America.

The Museum engages the public at these exhibits with a combination of interpretive signage and living history demonstrations. The outdoor exhibits are located in two separate areas: the Old World and America.

The Old World exhibits show rural life and culture in four homelands of early migrants to the American colonies.

The American exhibits show the life these  colonists and their descendants created in the colonial back-country, how this life changed over more than a century, and how life in the United States  today is shaped by its frontier past.

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* * *  Field Trip Fun for Your Family  * * *

Snow Days on the Farm - Amazing Farm Fun @ Ticonderoga
When Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier & PW county schools are CLOSED for bad weather... WE ARE OPEN.  Open snow days 11-3. Snow sliding and fun, bonfire pits and barn to warm up, hot chocolate and more...
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Eye in the Sky Game - Udvar-Hazy Center
Chantilly, January 31
It is the height of the Cold War, and tensions are escalating between the world’s superpowers. An American aircraft carrying sensitive cargo has disappeared. The cargo cannot end up in enemy hands. Your mission is to find the aircraft, using aerial surveillance tools.  Success depends on verifying the intelligence you gather at every step.
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Virginia Ballet Theatre Sweetheart Concert
Norfolk, February 13-14, 2015, 8pm
The third annual Sweetheart Concert will be a classical ballet, informing the students of the history of ballet technique and how ballet is used to tell a story with music and movement.
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Science After Dark - Science Museum of Virginia
Richmond, February 20, 5-8pm
Enter the world of Wicked Plants! Make music with vegetable instruments and “beet” boxes! Step into The Dome at 6:30 pm for a Cosmic Expedition and stay for a special showing of Little Shop of Horrors and a presentation by Grace Chapman, the Director of Horticulture at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens at 8 pm. Venture outside to stargaze with the Richmond Astronomical Society or enjoy three floors of interactive exhibits, generously sponsored by Farm Table.
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Battle of Hampton Roads Weekend - The Mariners' Museum
Newport News, March 7-8
Living History, Ironclad BattleQuest, Beard Competition, games & more!
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